Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Chesapeake Style Review

Chesapeake Style magazine has reviewed 
My Mother Grows Wallflowers

"This story is complex without contrivance, with deep psychological insights. It offers a sensitive look at the impact of a mother’s hoarding on other family members. At the same time, it celebrates the resilience of youth and the joy of young love. 

My Mother Grows Wallflowers is C.L. Howland’s debut novel. It offers characters the reader cares about, who deal with difficult situations without blame or self pity and leaves the reader with a lot to think about after enjoying a really good story."
                                                   -Carol J. Bova, Chesapeake Style

  For the full review, please visit: Chesapeake Style

My Mother Grows Wallflowers is available in ebook and print formats on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

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