Saturday, September 29, 2018

To Thee I Sing Cover Reveal

To those who've been waiting for the next book connected to Northam--we are a step closer...

The cover for To Thee I Sing is the result of a fun and fantastic collaboration with John Doppler over at Random Tangent Press. His expert design skills produced a design that captures the era and mood of the story to perfection. I am thrilled it will grace the cover of the book. 

Cerulean skies. White sand. Festive luaus.
Hawaii is heaven on earth.
Until a sleepy Sunday morning in December...
Elizabeth Wellman, a reserved academic, survives the attack on Pearl Harbor only to flee her Vermont home under a barrage of sensational press. She soon learns long sleeves can't hide all her scars.

She takes refuge as a teacher in a New Jersey suburb. Invited to a student's picnic, Elizabeth is shocked to learn Port Johnson isn't a park, but a prisoner of war camp where local families gather each week. It's with this unconventional group that she finds security, a sense of belonging--and love.
Dante Montenari, a wounded veteran, is drawn to Elizabeth despite his best efforts to keep her away from the back-alley violence of his world. He has lost women to bloodshed and may again as the couple become pawns in a territorial dispute between the Italian and Irish mobs.

War has already exacted a heavy price from these injured souls. Will they at last find peace, or perish?

Look for To Thee I Sing...
Coming soon from Random Tangent Press!