Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Why Vermont?

Someone told me if you’re going to write about a town, there has to be something mysterious or magical about it…like Eureka or Storybrooke. Well, come on up and take a look around…vivid red, yellow and orange splashed mountains in the fall. Winters of insignificant symmetrical specks of snow—measured in feet. The spring “run” of sap that ends up clinging to pancakes. Summer berries, red, blue and black, weighing plants down, there for the taking. 

No one plans these events—they just happen. How could that be anything but magic? And why would I set Northam and its residents anywhere else? Though small, Vermont is an enchanting place, its people a unique blend of past and present. Are they charmed too? That’s a fairy tale—I mean post, for another day.


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