Friday, August 17, 2018

A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words

Or, in this case, about 75,000 words...

Amid the flurry of the holiday season every year comes a day with sobering reminders of what can happen when you least expect it. December 7th. The attack on Pearl Harbor. We are often inundated with pictures from this horrific incident, and then the next day go back to planning events and making sure little Susie has what she wants under the tree. I have to admit to being no different until a couple of years ago...

I came across this picture. There is no doubt what happened at the Harbor was horrendous, but this lone photograph spoke volumes to me. Civilians lost their lives in the attack too. 

Around the same time, a dear friend gifted me with a fascinating documentary, a chronicle of Italian prisoners-of-war housed in America during World War II. They were clothed, fed and, for the most part, treated much better than when they were part of Mussolini's army. In fact, most of these POWs thought they'd landed in paradise. The story fascinated me, and I couldn't forget it.

Thoughts of POWs and Pearl continued to simmer at the back of my brain while I wrapped presents and planned festive meals until finally, January rolled around. The tree was gone, the decorations put away and most others around me had settled in for the long stretch of snow storms and cold days here in Vermont. It was then I sat down to write.

I write when and where I can...before work, after work, Saturdays. Some days the story flowed, some days not so much, but by the end of April, I finished telling the story of Elizabeth Wellman and Dante Montenari. As always, I've become invested in these characters' lives and wanted to linger with them. My world is a better place because this story now exists. I'm hoping you'll become invested too.

TO THEE I SING is historical fiction set against the backdrop of World WII. This story honors all who've sacrificed for their country, including those who've come home to fight the even bigger battle of putting their lives back together.

Coming: Fall 2018


Thursday, March 22, 2018

Happy Spring!

The advent of warmer days are upon us. Hallelujah!

To celebrate this season of reawakening and renewal, I'd like to offer the new edition of My Mother Grows Wallflowers for the special price of just 99¢.

If you haven't met Sam, Mina and the other residents of Northam, there's no better time to get acquainted. If you've already been introduced to the folks in this small Vermont town, perhaps there's a fellow reader who might like to visit? They won't regret the trip.

So, grab your copy, pull up a chair in the warm sunshine and settle in.

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Happy spring and happy reading!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

My Mother Grows Wallflowers Second Edition

Happy 2018!


With the advent of the new year, I'd like to announce the second edition of My Mother Grows Wallflowers


Not only does the cover tie in beautifully with the branding theme we've cultivated, the expanded print makes it easy on the eyes to enjoy the first installment of Mina's and Sam's story. Pick up your copy today!

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 And don't forget my latest book, Legacy of a Wallflower. Mina and Sam must learn to trust each other with their secrets or lose their second chance at a life together.

Look for: 

To Thee I Sing

Elizabeth Wellman survives Pearl Harbor
 only to learn long sleeves alone can't hide all her scars.

Coming in 2018

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Giving Thanks

I have experienced exultation and anger. 
I have known acceptance as well as rejection.
I have rejoiced at new life and 
cried when those I loved left this earth.
Good times and bad times have intertwined in a tight mesh to form my wonderful life. 

Among the blessings I count daily is the ability to tell stories people choose to read. So, in this season of giving thanks, I want to give thanks for all my blessings by offering the ebook version of my latest book, Legacy of a Wallflower, for just 99¢ until November 24th.

I hope readers will find as much joy 
in the reading as I did in the writing.

 Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Read It Now, Read It Later

Did you know Legacy of a Wallflower is part of the Kindle Matchbook Price program? Yup, it is...
Once you order the print copy for your library, you can then order the Kindle edition for $2.99! What a savings! So, instead of waiting with impatience as your gorgeous paperback version wings its way into your hands, you can snuggle down and start on the Kindle version for 50% off. The best of both worlds--with the click of a button!


Friday, October 13, 2017


Legacy of a Wallflower

A heart-wrenching story of love and loss set in the mountains of rural Vermont.

Flashing blue lights and a pink sandal in the middle of a rural Vermont road mark the end of a dream for Mina Mason. The tragic accident halts her elopement to Sam Miller and takes her family—all except her peculiar mother. Left as the sole caregiver to her aging parent amid piles of hoarded possessions with no respite in sight, Mina breaks her engagement to Sam. He deserves the normal life he’ll never find with her.

Half a world away, Sam’s life as a military sniper turns out to be anything but normal. The ruthless chaos of war leaves him drowning in a haze of booze and blood. Nights are a blur. Days, he does his job, mission after mission. Until the day he squeezes the trigger and not only destroys his target, but any hope for inner peace as well. Haunted and adrift, Sam returns just as the world Mina’s dedicated herself to crumbles.

He offers strength; she offers healing, but Mina and Sam must learn to trust each other with their secrets or lose their second chance at a life together.

Praise for C.L. Howland

"Howland's debut novel is a coming of age story that keeps readers hungering for the next page, the next chapter, indeed, the next book." — Marisa Miller

"Clear depictions of Vermont rural life: tough upbringing in beautiful natural surroundings. Highly recommended!" — Charlotte R. Williams

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